FREE Printable Masjid Activity Page

March 9, 2021 Masjid Activity Page Preview Image



  1. Download and print the pages. Cover the Masjid base page with a full page of self-adhesive laminating sheet cover the masjid activity base page with self adhesive laminate sheet

2. Cut out the blue Masjid from the second resource page and cover it with the laminating sheet as well.

**Make sure you leave a flap (shown in the picture below) of the self-laminating sheet exposed because this will be used to adhere the blue masjid, on top of the white masjid on the base page. MasjidActivityPage Laminate Masjid

3. Cut out the other objects from the resource page, and cover them with the self-adhesive laminating sheet as well

**As you can see in the video below, the blue masjid cut out is adhered on top of the white masjid to create a flap.**


I hope you had fun putting this together, as well as some more fun playing pretend 🙂

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